Atiyeh Saba Investment Company

Atiyeh Saba Investment Company is a specialized multidisciplinary holding company that operates and invests in various sectors of industry and mining, transportation and tourism by using its management power and assets.

The company started operating in 2006 as one of the holdings of the National Pension Fund and has now been able to become one of the largest holdings of this fund by employing qualified personnel and available facilities and short-term and long-term planning. Create a suitable one for its stakeholders.

Atiyeh Saba Investment Company, in order to maintain and enhance the value of the assets of the State Pension Fund and to create synergies between the businesses covered by the fund, has managed a large group of companies such as Aseman Air Services, General Warehouses and Customs Services during its years of operation. Iran has been responsible for Iran Tourism and Golf Investment in the transportation and tourism sector and the National Industrial Group Company, Yasuj Cement, Apadana Ceram and Taknar Copper Mines Complex in the industry and mining sector.

Short-term and long-term investment in banks and financial institutions, stocks of companies, institutions and investment funds and active presence in the capital market to obtain greater profitability, has always been on the agenda of the company.

At present, this company is registered as one of the financial institutions in the securities market and its activities are under the supervision of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization.

Meli Industrial Group Investment Company

Melli Industrial Group Investment Company started its activity in 1348 as the largest holding of shoe industry and before the Islamic Revolution, with the establishment of 54 companies in various fields of production and trade under it, established the industrial production of shoes in Iran. Appeared. At present, the National Industrial Group Investment Company continues its activities with two active companies, “National Shoes” and “National Management and Development Company”, as well as the company that is about to establish “National Development and Trade Development”. “National Shoes” company has always had a special position and importance as the flagship of the National Industrial Group, and now by using the most equipped laboratory equipment in the world and up-to-date technical knowledge in the field of shoes, as well as establishing ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. 241 stores across the country, operates as the largest network of chain stores in Iran and has offered a variety of footwear and other products related to quality. “National Management and Development Company” was established with the aim of equipping and maintaining national shoe stores and now continues its serious task. “National Development and Trade Development Company” with the aim of studying international markets and exporting shoes to all parts of the world, attracting domestic and foreign investments to participate in store development and launching production lines and transferring technology and modern technical knowledge to the country. And providing consulting services to manufacturers in various fields is about to be established. Field of activity: supply of shoes, footwear and other related products, equipping and maintaining national shoe stores, attracting domestic and foreign investments.

Iran Tourism and Tourism Investment Company

This company is the first and widest chain of known accommodation and catering services and is also one of the famous brands of local hotels in Iran. Iran Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC) was established in 2000 to provide services in the hotel and tourism industry such as hotels, restaurants, resorts and the like. With 64 hotels and guesthouses with 4,000 beds ready for catering in all parts of the country, this company is known as the first and widest chain of accommodation and catering services and is one of the famous brands of local hotels in Iran. At present, Iran Tourism Investment Company is the exclusive executor of the National Travel Card project by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and is responsible for the implementation and issuance of more than 4 million travel cards in the country. Field of activity: Hotel management, tourism, investment and hotel management.

Persian Golf Air Travel and Tourism Services Company

Persian Golf Air Travel and Tourism Services Company has started its official activity since 1348 and over the years, has been able to take effective and constructive steps in the “Tourism and Air Services” industry. The company, as the first and only sales representative, is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and by creating a constructive and efficient interaction, succeeded in obtaining the sales representative of Iran Air Tour, Ata, Aseman, Atrak and Qeshm airlines. Has turned. Persian Golf Air Travel and Tourism Services Company is proud to provide tourism services to more than four hundred thousand national retirees in the form of domestic and foreign pilgrimage and tourism tours and has always moved to improve the quality of customer service. Field of activity: Tourism and air services, holding domestic and foreign tours.

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